Software Engineering

We turn your innovation into differentiation by putting skill sets and custom systems in place to realize your vision. We build what you dream.

Engineer Your Future: Dream. Scale. Build

In the disruptive landscape of today, your software needs to be developed to adapt, just like your business. Not only do you need compatible code that matches well with legacy systems, but you also need specialized people with full-stack experience to channel your vision into the future. As one of the most acclaimed and biggest teams of software engineers, developers and architects, we solve business problems in pragmatic, unexpected, and creative ways. Our Software Engineering services additionally provide you premier access to advanced technologies through our wide network of industry partners. We incubate cutting-edge solutions to bring seamless and simple software at its best.

Accession's Software Engineering Services

Accession's software engineering service helps you launch new products quickly, modernize older products and manage enhanced product portfolios at decreased costs, hence delivering higher value for your clients. We facilitate software products to migrate them into cloud-based SaaS models, thereby developing user-friendly mobile applications and meeting market particular customizations. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Application modernization: We help transform your legacy apps to turn them into something efficient and Agile in the cloud. Our modernization professionals help IT leaders' to strip out the unnecessary costs, thereby reducing the capital spending for revenue-generating and strategic initiatives in the cloud.
  • Migration services: Our migration and Software Engineering services migrate your apps to a standard-based environment thereby minimizing disruption to the business by leveraging refactoring, rehosting, containerization techniques, and digital decoupling.
  • Application assessment: We provide an accurate understanding of your legacy systems, thereby facilitating us to develop the business case throughout the renewal of existing apps.
  • Product engineering: Our state-of-the-art team of subject-matter professionals and solution consultants assist you to align your product strategy with business objectives. We follow a hands-on approach for understanding your business goals, thereby napping it to advancement within the technology landscape and helping you to find the product roadmap as well as a transition strategy.
  • Custom software engineering: We remain hyper-focused on cloud-native and custom development for creating bespoke experiences and systems. We are on a voyage to create a new wave of digital disruption.
  • Delivery process consulting: We offer professional consultation for transforming your delivery process for you to develop high-quality software at greater speed. Our professionals would help you to manage dependencies with multiple development teams and the scope of your project for delivering it on time and within budget. We also help you keep up with the quality of delivery.
  • Digitization: Being talked about the most in today's world, digitization helps customers with meaningful content, digital engagement, availability, high performance, and delivery into numerous channels. Our product strategies and Software Engineering services cater to digital capabilities and enterprise business where it is mandatorily needed.
  • Cloud-native app development: Organisations demand modern hyper scalable apps for working well within their respective markets. Migrating to microservices and cloud architecture does not cut it anymore as the convergence of disruptive technologies has transformed the way apps are developed. By leveraging our cloud technology cloud-native solutions are easier to build and commoditize. We help organizations accelerate their development and scale their services quickly depending on market demands.